City of Maywood Park, Oregon | Established 1967 City of Maywood Park

Public Records Requests

See our Records Request Policy here

Section 1 – Procedure for requesting public records

  1. All requests for public records must be made in writing to City Hall. No form of electronic communication, including but not limited to email and fax, will be processed. The request must include the documents being requested, name of the person requesting information, phone number, and address for where to send the requested records. Records will be sent to requester via first class mail only, unless otherwise requested in writing. If the requester requests certified mail, overnight mail, or other specific request for shipping, the costs of fulfilling such request will be added to the cost of the document request. Requested documents cannot be picked up at City Hall and will not be provided in a digital format.
    Our mailing address is:
    10100 NE Prescott, Suite 147
    Maywood Park, Oregon 97220
  2. Requests will be processed in the order in which they are received or as otherwise required by Oregon law.

Section 2 – Fees for public records requests

  1. There is a minimum hourly fee to cover staff time as well as the addition of any applicable copy costs for all public records requests. Minimum Fees for staff time required to fulfill a public record request are as follows:
    • $25/hour for Clerical (administrative, office specialists, other support staff).
    • $50/hour for Managerial (City Managers, Elected Officials).
    • $175/hour for Professional (Analyst, Consultant, or Engineer).
    • Attorney and other applicable legal fees required for preparation or review of records will be billed at the actual hourly rate charged for Public Records Request-related services.
  2. If the records request is under $50.00, an invoice will be sent with the record which is due within 10 days of receipt. Any person who fails to pay said invoice will have any subsequent requests delayed until the balance is paid in full and will have to pay in advance for any future requests.
  3. Estimates will be provided to the requester in writing in the event that the estimated cost of the request exceeds $50.00. A deposit for the total amount of the estimate must be paid prior to such requests being processed. If the letter requesting the deposit is not responded to within 30 days by the requester, the order will be cancelled and the requester must make another request for documents as specified in section 1.
  4. Shipping fees will be added to any request where the shipping cost exceeds $5.00.
  5. Standard copying or reproduction fees are outlined in the chart below:
    Standard Copy Fees
    Item Fee
    8.5 x 11 per side $0.25
    8.5 x 14 per side $0.25
    11 x 17 per side $0.50
    24 x 36 per side $2.00
    Color per side (11×17 or smaller) $1.50
    CD $10.00
    DVD $10.00
    Digital records No per-side charge, charge for actual staff time at $50 per hour
    Photographs 4×6 or 5×7 $24.00 for up to 8 photos/ $2.00 each additional photo
    Photographs 8×10 $24.00 for up to 3 photos/$7 for each additional photo
    Photographs on a CD $24.00 per CD (only available if photographs were digital prior to request)

Section 3 – Exemptions

  1. Oregon Law does not require a city to create a new document in order to fulfill a public records requests. Upon receipt of a public records request, a representative from the city will determine:
    • If the city is not the custodian of the requested record.
    • If the city if uncertain whether it is the custodian of the requested record.
    • If the requested record does not exist.
  2. In addition, the Oregon Legislature requires public agencies to notify all employees and volunteers prior to a request for certain personal information being satisfied and delay the release of information until that has been accomplished. In addition, some personal information is exempt or may need to be redacted. A city attorney can help determine the appropriate response based upon a city’s records, policies and procedures.
  3. In the event that any of the above conditions exist in relation to the public records request, the requestor will be notified in writing that their request cannot be fulfilled or how long to expect a delay in processing.