Matthew Castor

Occupation: Senior Designer – Acme Scenic & Display, Portland, OR (paid): Owner/Artisan – Form Design Studio, Maywood Park, OR (paid).

Occupational background: Senior Designer North American DTC – Nike, Inc. Beaverton, OR (paid): Industrial and Digital Director – SET Creative, Portland, OR (paid): Project Manager – Savoy Studios, Portland, OR (paid): Bronze Foundry Manager – The Art Foundry, Sacramento, CA (paid): Studio Manager – Craig Kraft Studio, Washington, DC (paid).

Educational background: University of Oregon, Visual Design, Master of Fine Arts: University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, Communication Processes & Electronic Media, Bachelor of Arts.

Prior Government Experience: City of Maywood Park 2014 Budget Committee

Maywood Park embodies what many growing cities have lost over the years. Strong community values, pride in our homes, and a connectedness with our neighbors. These things make for a place that is reminiscent of the neighborhoods in which so many of us were raised and are a part of why we all value that small town feel. I want to help ensure that as we move into the future, those qualities we value are not lost so our children will grow up leaning what qualities truly make a great community.

If elected, I hope to:

– Maintain our strong relationships with Public Safety agencies.
– Help to explore viable options for our communities aging individual onsite waste management systems.
– Help further plans for a new long-term home for our city government.
– Develop partnerships & guidelines that will promote green energy incentives to our residents.
– Help improve the dissemination of information on local issues to maintain fairness and transparency in city government.
– Continue the improvement of our City’s green spaces.

I would truly value the opportunity to serve on our council and thank you for your consideration.

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