Mark Hardie

As I look back on the last 16 years as your mayor, I am proud of the accomplishments that have made Maywood a better place to live; Pioneering the fourth of July BBQ and Parade, the Christmas tree lighting event, revamping and managing the Park Watch program when needed and taking a proactive position regarding the best course of action for sewering. Last but not least, we are laying down the ground work with the Sheriff’s Office regarding a plan for continued sustainable economic stability for our City.

The City events mentioned above may seem superficial but they are core to Maywood’s Identity which gives our residents something unique that they can call their own. These events create lifelong memories for the families of Maywood Park. Our relationship with the Sheriff’s Office is second to none and they are there for our every need. They share information and work with us to solve problems in real time. With my colleagues, we have engaged a number of experts who are currently educating us regarding options to protect our property values and the environment.

As some of you might know, Measure 50 has severely limited the amount of money Maywood can generate through tax increases. With increasing expenses and dwindling revenues, I have chartered a plan to bring in new revenue from outside sources that will offer us thousands of dollars a year.

Most importantly, I think it is important to recognize that Maywood’s demographics are slowly changing for the good as we welcome younger professional families into our City. These new residents are stepping forward and bring with them fresh thoughts and energy. It’s important that we engage and encourage them. We should seize this opportunity to blend the experience of the current seasoned officials with new residents. We can show them that as elected officials our job is to represent their thoughts and ideas and not sit back and promote our own self-serving policies.

I am proud to have served you for sixteen years and look forward to working with all of you again.

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