Rules & Ordinances

Maywood Commons

Vision: Maywood Commons is a gathering space for the enjoyment of the community. Please treat it as you would your own front yard and be respectful of the property and its neighbors.

Download Maywood Commons public use guidelines and rules of conduct.

City Ordinances

2018-4 NW Natural Franchise

2018-3 Special Events

2018-2 Short Term Rentals

2018-1-A Marijuana Business Penalties

2018-1 Marijuana Home Businesses

2017-1 Pacificorp Franchise

2015-1 Solar Systems

2013-1 IGA Ped Crossing Skidmore

2012-2 Unauthorized Entry Into Waste Containers

2012-1 Chickens

2011-3 Outdoor Burning

2011-2 Vacant

2011-1 Farm Animals

2010-5 Building Code Enforcement

2010-4 General Provisions

2010-3 New City Charter

2010-2 Vehicle Stopping, Standing, Parking

2010-1 New Construction & Remodeling

2009-6 Penalty and Abatement for Nuisance Ordinances

2009-5 Curfew Hours for Minors

2009-4 Limits Residential Occupation

2009-3 Zoning Appeals

2009-2 Business Recycling

2009-1 Dangerous & Derelict Structures

2007-1 Pacificorp Franchise

2006-4 Abatement Procedures

2006-3B Camping

2006-3A Addendum to 2006-3

2006-3 Trailers, Campers, Motorhomes

2006-2 Graffiti

2006-1 Municipal Court

38 Fencing Standards

37 Metro Urban Growth

36  Parking Ratio

35 Animal Control

34  NW Natural Franchise

33 KBL Cable Systems

32 Pacificorp Franchise

31D Heiberg Franchise

31B Jack Young Sanitary

31A Jack Young Sanitary

31 Jack Young Sanitary

30 Parking

29.1-F Baldwin Sanitary

29.1E Addendum to 29.1

29.1-D Mel’s Sanitary

29.1-C Mel’s Sanitary

29.1-B Mel’s Sanitary

29.1-A Mel’s Sanitary Franchise

29 Adoption of Comprehensive Plan

28 Adult Care Homes

27 Adult Care Homes

26 Historic Areas

25 Air Guns

24 Vacant

23 Green River

22C Tree Permit Amendment Permit Issue & Penalty

22B Tree Ordinance Penalties

22A Tree Removal Fee

22 Trees

21 No Parking Cul de sac

20 Shared Revenue

19 Comprehensive Plan Approval

18A Vehicle Limitations

18 Vehicle Limitations

17 Animal Control

16D Amends Ordinance 16

16C Vehicle Storage

16B Vehicle Storage

16A Nuisances

16 Nuisance Control

15 Pacific Power & Light

14 Noise Control

13 Noise Control

12 Nuisance Control

11 Pacific Power Franchise

10 Weight Limits on Streets

9D ADU Development Provisions

9C ADU Revision to 9B

9B Revised ADU

9A Zoning Update

9 Zoning

8 First City Charter

7 Vacant

6 No Ordinance

5 Campaign St Improvement

4B US West

4A Pacific NW Bell Amendment

4 Pacific NW Bell Renewal

4 Pacific NW Bell

3 Radiant Cable

2 NW Natural Renewal

2 NW Natural Gas Amendment

2 NW Natural Gas

1 PGE Franchise