Important Information for the City of Maywood Park July 4, 2019 Celebration


People far and wide have heard of the City of Maywood Park’s 4th of July Celebration! They speak in awe and envy of what a fantastic City we have. Well, they speak about it, anyway. Many volunteers are needed to continue the awesomeness each year. Please take a look at the schedule below to see how you can help!

Time               Task                What to Do

9:00 am          Setup             Set up tables and tents. Meet at 4004 Maywood Place.

12:00 pm       Bicycles         Assist with materials for kids to decorate their bicycles. Meet at Maywood Place and Skidmore. (See Bonnie Davey)

1:00 pm          Parade           Sit back and enjoy the parade!

2:00 pm          Tables            Set tables and tents for potluck per layout provided; game setup; other preparations as needed.

3:00 pm          Serve              Serve burgers and hotdogs to our neighbors.*

4:30 pm          Tear down     Help take down tables, tents, etc; pack up, prep rentals for pickup, etc.

EVERYONE: remember to bring you own chair, blanket, and sun protection; and have a great time!

*Mission BBQ will be providing burgers & dogs; sorry, no chefs are needed this year.