City of Maywood Park, Oregon | Established 1967 City of Maywood Park

Maywood Park City-Wide Garage Sale

Maywood Park's Annual City-Wide Garage Sale will be held July 20 & 21 9am-4pm, and July 22 9am-2pm. If you are a resident who wishes to host a garage sale during this weekend, please turn in your application and fee by July 1.

Public Review: Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Residents of Maywood Park, Senate Bill 1051, which then passed, and was signed into law by Governor Brown on August 15, 2017 requires cities and counties of a certain population allow accessory dwelling units (ADUs). Consistent with the requirement of Senate Bill 1051, the City of Maywood Park is in the process of updating our zoning provisions to allow for the development of ADU within the City. A draft Ordinance numbered 9-D and titled “ADU DEVELOPMENT PROVISIONS-DRAFT" is attached and will be posted on the city’s website at under “Rules & Ordinances” between the dates of June 8, 2018 to July 16, 2018 for your review and comments.  You may contact the office to submit your comments at or in person at any upcoming City Council meeting.  A public hearing will be held at Mt. Hood Community College, rm. 305 at 7pm on July 16, 2018.