Public Safety Summit TBD

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Mark your calendars and join us for the 2018 City of Maywood Park Public Safety Summit. During this event, residents will have the opportunity to share experiences, ask questions, and collaborate on community safety ideas with neighbors, the city council, and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.

The city’s public safety liaison, Lt. Steve Bevens, and system analyst Kevin Morelli will share:

Crime and Policing Statistics: Crimes reported, MCSO visits initiated, including comparisons over time.
Monthly Patrol Statistics: How often does MCSO patrol the city, and for how long?Home/Vacation Checks: Learn about this service offered through MCSO, which includes perimeter checks on your home while you are away.
Positive Community Policing: Hear more about the MCSO community policing philosophy.
Making Your Home Safe: Tips for securing your home and property.
Making Your Community Safe: What can you do to keep your neighbors and community safe?


If you are interested in exploring ways to further your involvement in community public safety, we’ll be discussing the following opportunities:

Citizen’s Academy: This is a free program designed to provide a working knowledge of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office in a fun and Interactive way. The multi-week program covers a range of topics and includes tours of MCSO facilities.
Ride Alongs: Always wonder about a day in the life of a sheriff’s deputy? Ride along and see community policing in action.