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Nov. 1: Yard Debris Service Change

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We received over 90 responses to our survey asking for feedback on our current garbage and recycling service and your thoughts on additional services that would benefit the city. More than 75% of respondents indicated that they would like to see more frequent yard debris pick up, and the city has been working with Heiberg to refine our current service plan to accommodate this need. The following changes will go into effect on November 1st.

1. Yard debris will be picked up weekly (yard debris ONLY…. NO food waste) on Thursdays
2. Rates will increase approximately
$3.60 per month (the cost of about 1 additional bag of yard debris) for every resident
3. The city will no longer be hosting Dumpster Daze in the spring and fall.

Point 3 above is a bittersweet one for the city, as Dumpster Daze originated as more than just an event to dispose of yard debris. This bi-annual event was an opportunity to gather and commune with neighbors over coffee, donuts and chili dogs (and, of course, to dispose of yard debris). Over the years, we lost our vouchers from Metro and saw the event costs rise as paid participation dropped. The result: the event no longer makes financial sense for the city.

As always, the city will consider special circumstances that may require hosting a one-off yard debris event or storm-related clean up.