Living with Coyotes

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Recently, there have been a few sightings of coyotes in and around the Maywood Park area. Considering our position at the base of Rocky Butte, this isn’t surprising. While there are specific rules we should all follow to ensure a safe co-existence with these animals, there is little cause for alarm. While coyotes will prey upon pets that roam freely outside, they pose little harm to humans. In fact, the only documented cases of issue between coyotes and humans stemmed from breaking simple rules that allow us to live peacefully together.

To learn more, check out the tips below or download this brochure.

The Audubon Society of Portland publishes some very useful information about urban coyotes. Their tips for reducing human-coyote conflict include:

1. Never deliberately feed a coyote or other wild mammal.
2. Securely cover garbage cans and compost bins.
3. Remove fallen fruit from yards.
4. Eliminate opportunities for rats to breed in and around your yard.
5. Never deliberately approach a coyote and teach children to respect all wildlife from a distance.
6. Keep house pets indoors and allow only controlled access to the outdoors (fenced yards and leashes). Always keep pets in from dusk to dawn when coyotes are most active.
7. To prevent coyotes from entering your yard consider removing unnecessary brush, installing a motion-sensitive lighting system, or installing a coyote proof fence. To be effective fences must be at least six feet tall, have no openings greater than four inches and should extend flush with the ground.
8. If you do not want coyotes around your home, let them know that they are not welcome. If you see a coyote, shout and make noise, wave your arms.




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