UPDATE: Holiday Heat Wave


Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 9.58.13 PM

Although the fire chief has lifted the ban on legal fireworks, we expect the dry, hot weather to continue through the holiday weekend. The night time fireworks display will be scaled back for safety, limited to non-aeriel fireworks and sparklers for the kids. We encourage all residents to avoid exploding, aeriel fireworks for the safety of all residents. If fireworks are added back into the burn ban, the city will cancel the evening event in compliance with the ban.

The annual day time 4th of July festivities will go on as planned, starting with the parade at 1pm and the BBQ to follow at 3pm. We will be providing water at the event, but encourage everyone to be well hydrated and consider carrying additional water. Additionally, protect yourselves with sunscreen, hats, and shade.