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  1. I’m having a hard time navigating around the website. Can there be a link in the logo to return us to previous pages? Also, it would be nice if the pictures could be viewed within the site instead of “flicker”. Where you have to log in and can’t click back to this website from it. More pictures would be nice, maybe from the past 60 years or so. Sorry if it all sounds negative, but just some ideas for making the site easier to use. It’s great to have, thanks for the effort. I hope it get’s lots of support.

  2. We need more dog poop bags. We’ve been out for quite some time. I would be willing to take that respsonsibility on if someone tells me where to get them.


  3. In the recent months people have noticed and complained about seeing coyotes in and around Maywood Park. The city is aware of the issue and monitoring the situation. The State and County say that they are a protected species under State law. The only time we can do anything is when humans are harmed or pets are taken. The City can only advise people to not leave any type of food out and keep a closer eye on their pets. The coyotes provide a natural control for the population of vermin such as Raccoons, Rats and Opossums.

  4. Elizabeth, do you use Internet Explorer? If so, there was a known issue with the nav bar not appearing for that browser. I believe we have fixed it, but the website functions best in either Mozilla Firefox or Safari. Still, you should notice an improvement in the site. Please let me know if you still are having navigation issues. Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Coyotes are natural predetors and nocturnal. Keep your cats inside were they belong. Cats disturbe the aviary wildlife. Dogs should be walked on a leash every day. The ritual should take 45 minutes. It exersises the mind as well as the body. With this simple rule Coyotes should not be a threat to pets.

  6. Hi Everyone
    If you are planning on doing a garage sale this year, please turn in your sign up sheets and 10.00 fee. It’s not to late however we won’t be albe to put your info in the brochures. Thanks, Suzenne

  7. Can there be a link put on Flicker to bring you back to the Maywood Web Site? Why not post on a linked Maywood page? Or am I missing something on Flicker?

  8. How do you add photo’s to this site?????? We can click on “view more photos” then I can’t find an upload link. Am I missing something? Blind maybe……

  9. Public Safety has recoved several found items. A kids Scooter & a kids Bike. If you are missing one of thease items ,Please contact the City Office.

  10. I strongly believe that a true public process for modifying existing ordinances or passing new ordinances should occur; instances where the general public is not given reasonable notice regarding any changes should not be moved for a vote by council.

    Real community leadership comes from getting to know neighbors, understanding where our differences are and determining where solutions to potential issues may abound.

    We live in a democracy. Changes require a real process. I expect real leadership from council.

  11. Gee, does anyone know this website is alive? It’s been quite awhile since there’s been a posting and the last two were a year apart. Too bad. There’s still not a link back to this site from flicker. Can’t we have a “photo” link to a page within the Maywood site and not use an outside party?

    • Hey Elizabeth. I’m in the process of getting the site transferred over to me. Once it is I plan on making a bunch of updates, especially with the calendar and the photos as well. Please be patient :-)

      Chris Williams-

  12. This site has worked for me in the past. You may want to take a look.


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