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Public Safety Activity: March Report

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We are fortunate to have Lt. Joel Wendland, our public safety liaison from the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, attending the second city council meeting of each month (barring any emergencies). Each month, Lt. Wendland reports trends on public safety activity within the city.

Learn more by reviewing the March 2016 Activity Report, and by attending a city council meeting to meet Lt. Wendland.

Last Chance to Visit Molly this Thursday, May 19th

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Thursday, May 19th will be My Street Grocery’s last stop in Maywood Park. During the year that Molly visited Maywood, she has had a few loyal followers who visited her each week. However, we just weren’t able to provide the consistent flow of business to continue with the weekly market. My Street Grocery is reconsidering nearby locations, and will keep the city informed if they set up in a surrounding area.

Please help us give Molly a proper send off by stopping by between 3-5pm this Thursday near Maywood Commons to say goodbye.

A HUGE thank you to residents Kevin Atchley and Lalena Dolby for bringing Molly the Trolley to Maywood. The weekly convenience and opportunity to commune with neighbors was a gift to the community!

Annual City Garage Sale: July 15 – 17

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The annual Maywood Park Garage Sale has been scheduled for July 15 – 17. Sale hours will be Friday from 9am-4pm and Sunday from 9am-2pm.
During the week of May 16th, committee members will be distributing sign-up sheets, which you can also download here. If you don’t receive a sign-up sheet or are unable to access online, please call 503-358-6393 or email All sign-up sheets and registration fees are due by July 1st.
The committee will once again have a drawing for gift certificates to area businesses. All registered garage sale participants will be entered into the drawing. The drawing will be held at 2:30pm on July 17th and winners will be announced via Facebook and Nextdoor at 3pm.
The annual Maywood Park Garage Sale is a volunteer-run event, 100% fueled with the hard work and generosity of city citizens. If you are interested in participating in the committee, pleasecall 503-358-6393 or email

Garbage & Recycling Survey

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Over the past several months, the city has received requests for, and questions about, potential changes to our garbage and recycling services. We’ve had representatives from Heiberg, our community hauler, attend city council meetings to discuss feedback on the changes to Portland’s program, and we’ve researched options for changing and enhancing our own program.

Now it is time to let us know what you think! Take this quick survey and let us know your thoughts on our current service and your level of interest in service changes.

Take the Survey >

Easter Time in the City

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We couldn’t have asked for better weather for our annual Easter egg hunt today! It was so wonderful to see so many friends and neighbors gathering around Maywood Commons, our new city center!


The kids were treated to a special visit by the Easter Bunny!


Extra special thanks to Patty Meighen and Gayle Burrow (pictured below) for organizing the event, and to Sam Lund for loaning her yard again this year!


On Wednesday, 16 volunteers gathered and stuffed thousands of plastic eggs with candy and goodies, all of which were cleaned up fairly quickly by the Maywood kiddos!

20160326_105307 20160326_105006

A few lucky kids found the eggs with the golden coins and got to go home with a special gift.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 11.27.39 PM

But it wasn’t only the kids that were enjoying the beautiful day!


Garage Sale Committee Members Needed!

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The Maywood Park Garage Sale is a popular annual summer event that draws hundreds into the city. It is also 100% run by community volunteers. In order to ensure that the annual tradition continues, the committee is looking to add more volunteers.

Please contact if you would like to donate some of your time to the event committee. Planning will be starting ASAP!

Air Quality: Data show low health risk

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Safer Air Oregon released an initial set of air quality data, and continues to provide updated information on their website related to toxic metals emissions and what they’re doing to protect the public’s health.

The areas of focus for further testing were around the two artistic glass facilities in SE and N Portland, both of which show little to no human health risk in the short or long term.

If you have follow up questions, you are encouraged to contact state and county agency contacts.


Living with Coyotes

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Recently, there have been a few sightings of coyotes in and around the Maywood Park area. Considering our position at the base of Rocky Butte, this isn’t surprising. While there are specific rules we should all follow to ensure a safe co-existence with these animals, there is little cause for alarm. While coyotes will prey upon pets that roam freely outside, they pose little harm to humans. In fact, the only documented cases of issue between coyotes and humans stemmed from breaking simple rules that allow us to live peacefully together.

To learn more, check out the tips below or download this brochure.

The Audubon Society of Portland publishes some very useful information about urban coyotes. Their tips for reducing human-coyote conflict include:

1. Never deliberately feed a coyote or other wild mammal.
2. Securely cover garbage cans and compost bins.
3. Remove fallen fruit from yards.
4. Eliminate opportunities for rats to breed in and around your yard.
5. Never deliberately approach a coyote and teach children to respect all wildlife from a distance.
6. Keep house pets indoors and allow only controlled access to the outdoors (fenced yards and leashes). Always keep pets in from dusk to dawn when coyotes are most active.
7. To prevent coyotes from entering your yard consider removing unnecessary brush, installing a motion-sensitive lighting system, or installing a coyote proof fence. To be effective fences must be at least six feet tall, have no openings greater than four inches and should extend flush with the ground.
8. If you do not want coyotes around your home, let them know that they are not welcome. If you see a coyote, shout and make noise, wave your arms.